Navigation Bar

After selecting the Blankstrap 5 theme for the project or the single page, add a Blankstrap 5 Core stack on top of the page.

If you want to use the inbuilt navigation, add the Blankstrap 5 Navigation Bar underneath.

The Navigation Bar has following 3 base settings. These are available for all components:

  • Unique ID: Give the component a unique ID.
  • CSS Classes: Add CSS classes to the component, like bootstrap styling classes.
  • Attributes: Add additonal attrributes to the component, like data attributes.

In addition, you are able to define:

  • The width of the navigation bar
  • Placement of the navigation bar
  • At which breakpoint the menu toggle button is displayed
  • How the navigation links are aligned
  • The text and background colors
  • Enable an additional content area, e.g. for buttons, which should also appear inside the navigation
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